Controlling the Chaos

Start Text

Halar wants to accelerate your training in preparation for an upcoming hunt. He has advised you to speak to the Seekers here in Skylight.

While Active

Lord Halar has accelerated your training in preparation for an upcoming hunt with a great foe. While he attempts to isolate a spoor within the webs you found in the Codex Halls, you should speak to the Seekers in Skylight.

Success Text

While Lord Halar located a threat within the Gloom, you met with the other Seekers here in Skylight. Now, you must ready a Gloomtrace and hunt the Broodmother of Aurelian.
Repeatable: false


Phase 1

Find Arsenal in Market Row

Phase 2

Talk to Venge about the supplies they offer

Phase 3

Talk to the Engineer about Accessories

Phase 4

Talk to Omen

Phase 5

Return to Lord Halar In Skylight