Wayfinder Patch Notes

  • Fixed a crash caused by Silo’s level 3 Firebomb
  • Increased XP up to 3x in Hunts and 1.5x for expedition mini bosses (for real this time)
  • Raised the echo limit from 300 to 600
  • Added prevention against selling accessories equip on other Wayfinders

Wayfinder Patch Notes

New Feature: Echo Dust
  • The Echo Fusion system has been overhauled.
  • Players can now break down their Echoes into Dust.
  • Using the Dust, players can increase the Rank of their Echoes.
  • Fixed a bug causing echoes to grant incorrect amounts of XP(now dust) in fusion
  • Fixed a bug where Commander Creed’s echo showed a different cost to equip than the actual cost
  • REMOVED: “Sort By Power” for Echoes. This has been removed until we implement more informative version of this sort.
  • There is now an item limit for Echoes (300) and Accessories (100). See the announcements channel for more details.
  • Added warnings for when players are approaching either item limit.
    • When you have reached the limit, you cannot pick up anything else until you are back under the limit.
  • Fixed Non-Romanized languages on keyboard being nonfunctional in social menu
  • Fixed Tooth & Claw, and Epitaph displaying rifle or shotgun skins.
  • Increase XP for Hunts by 3x and mini bosses in Expeditions by 1.5x
  • Accessories are now able to be sold at Venge’s Shop in Skylight!
    • WARNING: On first load of the SELL screen, equipped accessories display on the ALL panel and can be sold without warning the player. They do not appear on the ACCESSORY panel.
  • All acquired Accessories will be sold at their intended cost per Accessory level.
  • Fixed an issue causing players to be unable to fast travel inside of Lost Zones.
  • Fixed an issue where players would be disconnected during an expedition or hunt with the Firebombs imbuement active.
  • Fixed an issue where Helper Coins were not being rewarded to the player as expected after completing Lost Zone Expeditions via Helper Queue.
  • Fixed an issue causing players to get stuck on a “Please Wait” screen while backing out of the Wayfinder Founder’s Pack menu while it was opening.
  • Adjusted the priority quest to unlock Echo Fusion to unlock at the same time as the player unlocks the Echo system.
  • Various localization updates and improvements.
  • Fixed an issue where non-functional Echoes were populating in the Echo menu.
  • Fixed an issue where the Accessory menu would display blank tiles.
  • Fixed an issue causing Kyros' “Siphon Radiant” Ability buff to exceed its intended value of 10%.
  • Reward Tower reward emote “Kiss of Venom” will appear in the players' inventory if/when unlocked.
  • The player will see this in their inventory when equipped with Venomess.
  • Fixed an issue causing Venomess’s Soothing Vapors Affinity Perk to not function.
  • Soothing Vapors not correctly displays visual feedback that you are healing
  • Fixed an issue causing Venomess' Ultimate to fire off in the wrong direction.
  • Fixed an issue causing masteries to be locked on Venomess
  • Night’s Maw Echo will always drop at its intended Echo type (“Rush”) and Level (15).
  • Talon of Pyre’s Echo will always drop at its intended Level (30).
  • Added the proper names of travel destinations to load screens.
  • Emoting toward an animal in the Overlands zones will no longer cause the camera to target-lock onto that animal.
  • Improved travel time to player housing instances

Wayfinder Patch Notes

  • Talon of Pyre no longer crashes Highland instances
    • There are still some known issues where Talon of Pyre may not giving rewards correctly.
  • Reduced random disconnects when in Lost Zones

Wayfinder Patch Notes


  • Night’s Maw event cooldown has been significantly reduced from 2 hours to every 60 seconds in the Highlands.
  • Burst rifles now automatically begin firing after reloading.
  • Fleas will no longer continue to spawn during the Sphere of Influence event in the Highlands.
  • “Arcane Buildup” Mastery will correctly increase damage based on Momentum for all Executioner Melee weapon types.
  • “Arcane Buildup” Mastery Level 3 will deal Arcane Energy Bursts for all Executioner Melee weapon types as intended.
  • “Sniper” Rifle Mastery correctly boosts damage at long range.
  • Knockbacks now respect dodge invincibility frames.
  • Echo rarity type text in the Echoes menu now matches it’s correct rarity.


  • Niss' “Lingering Shadow” buff icon refreshes correctly in the player HUD after 3 stacks when active.


  • Level 3 of Kyros' “Arcane Focus” will now deal the intended additional instances of damage.


  • Venom Thrusters now activate immediately and move slightly faster.
  • When using Venom Thrusters with no movement input you will no longer travel off to the side instead of going backwards.
  • Using Venom Thrusters while ADS or blocking will no longer cause the player to travel off to the side.


  • Players will no longer get kicked when collecting loot during the “Lighting the Flame” quest dungeon instance.
  • Removed a duplicate “Road to Ruin” quest name at Seeker Avala in Deepwood Holt.
  • Fixed a bug where Side Quest XP was scaling unintentionally with difficulty spheres.
  • “Hidden Knowledge” Side Quest can now be completed in any Aurelian Lost Zone, and also counts any variant of the Decoder event.


  • Known actions kicking the player with a “Problem Saving User Data” have been addressed.
  • Alternate Personas will now appear equipped on Wayfinder models at the Expedition Rewards screen.
  • Gloom Ambush events in Lost Zones will now reward the player with Gloomstone Shards upon completion.
  • Reduced the amounts of enemies that spawn during the Excavation Unit, Supply Raid, Supply Run, Chain Gang, and What Lies Beneath events in The Pit.
  • Enemies at the end of Lost Zone Expeditions can no longer spawn out of bounds and prevent the players' ability to complete an Expedition.
  • Party invites can no longer be sent to any online player actively in a Lost Zone instance.
  • New music variations have been added to the Deep (Mines Expeditions).


  • Rifles no longer can transfer an orb to a Husk enemy by shooting it during the Dread Legion Hunt.
  • The number of enemies that spawn during each phase of the Dread Legion Hunt is reduced.
  • Bombs will now explode quicker when passed to an enemy in the Dread Legion Hunt.
  • Players can no longer get stuck and die between the holographic tiles in the Dread Legion Hunt.
  • The Hand Rejoined ground-slam attack AoE warning indicators are now visible during the Argent Hand Hunt.
  • Fixed an issue where some Hunts were rewarding un-intended loot on completion.


  • Reduced the amount of resources required to craft Housing Item recipes.
  • Temporarily, players will be unable to switch their equipped Wayfinder or Weapon while inside the Apartment.
  • The “Trickster Artifice” Artifact now has a cooldown timer and can only be interacted with by the player who owns the Apartment.


  • Fixed several miscellaneous text issues throughout the game.
  • Translated VO has been added to numerous Quests and cutscenes.


  • The “Enchanted Tower Compass” item reward from the Exalted Founders Pack will now appear in the players ‘Key Items’ inventory.
  • 5% Reward Tower XP is earned from the “Enchanted Tower Compass” item as intended.
  • Purchased Founders Packs will visually display as “Owned” in the Shop menu.
  • Players can immediately equip newly acquired Wayfinders or Weapons from Founders Packs without needing to travel first.
  • Several Echoes now have their missing icons
  • Camera collision improvements have been added throughout the game.

Known Issues

  • Helper Coins are not rewarded to players upon Expedition completion in the Codex Halls, The Pit, and the Shrouded Woods.
  • Helper Coin will be rewarded to players in all other zones and Hunts.
  • Debug text is visible in the “Duplicate Bindings” pop-up in the Settings menu Naming inconsistencies appear for some Weapons throughout several menus.
  • Survivalist “Critical Force” Mastery does not increase Crit Chance based on the players Momentum generated.
  • Same-type Echo cost reduction is not applied consistently.
  • Tracked quests may not appear in the players HUD and can impede quest progress.
  • Heroic Kyros' “Arcane Focus” ability VFX can remain on an enemy and continuously grow in size.

Issues we are still tracking

  • Players unable to sell accessories to Venge
  • Improved camera behavior, especially in small, and confined spaces
  • Wayfinder abilities firing off in the incorrect direction
  • Addressing feedback with single imbuement mutators
  • Tooth and Claw + Epitaph showing as a rifle
  • Talon of Pyre crashing highlands

PLEASE NOTE: A previous version of these notes included the following:

  • Engaging with the Talon of Pyre in the Highlands no longer leads to a server crash.

This fix is not in this build, as we continue to troubleshoot the issue causing the server crash issues with Talon of Pyre

Source: Official Discord