The Database has not been updated for the non-MMO version of the game, and likely won't be.

Into the Pit

Start Text

You need to do a favor for Kestrel before she'll help you. Find her old pack and use the connection to enter the Pit, and learn what the Shrikes are up to.

While Active

Kestrel, a smuggler helping Skylight, wants you to do her a favor. In exchange, she'll help you with the Trial of Lingering Light. Find her old pack which she lost some time ago in Shrike territory. You can then use her connection to enter the Pit.

Success Text

As a favor for Kestrel, you explored the Pit and found that it was abandoned by the Shrike Syndicate. Now she wants to know why.
Repeatable: false


Phase 1

Find Kestrel's Pack along the Train Tracks

Phase 2

Take the Pit Connection

Phase 3

Find the Pit Breach

Phase 4

Enter the Pit

Phase 5

Complete the Pit Expedition

Phase 6

Travel to Kestrel's Hideout

Phase 7

Return to Kestrel