The Database has not been updated for the non-MMO version of the game, and likely won't be.

[DNT]The First Cut

Start Text

[DNT]You must eliminate the Eldren threat in the Shatterlands. Use the Gate to travel to the Cut and report to Commander Wolf.

While Active

[DNT]The Eldren and the Shrikes are up to something in the barren region known as the Shatterlands. Return to The Cut and work with Commander Wolf to eliminate this threat.

Success Text

[DNT]Commander Wolf ordered you to explore the Cut and search for clues about the Eldren. You were able to tap into the recorded reports of an Eldren named Syrazel, which revealed that the Eldren are seeking a place called "The Winding Way" and pursuing a power that will make the world tremble.
Repeatable: false


Phase 1

[DNT]Speak with Wolf in the Cut

Phase 2

[DNT]Investigate the Eldren Camp

Phase 3

[DNT]Use the Hookshot to traverse the chasm

Phase 4

[DNT]Progress further using the Hookshot

Phase 5

[DNT]Find the next Eldren Camp

Phase 6

[DNT]Continue Investigating the Eldren Camps

Phase 7

[DNT]Speak to Wolf in the Cut