The Database has not been updated for the non-MMO version of the game, and likely won't be.

[DNT]The Raven's Call

Start Text

[DNT]The Raven wishes to meet. Find her within the Cut and see what she has to say.

While Active

[DNT]The Raven—the leader of the Shrike bandits—has reached out to you and requested a meeting. You know it's probably a trap, but you must go and see what she has to say.

Success Text

[DNT]You met with the Raven, who revealed herself to be the Eldren commander Teryssa the Silence. She urged you to fight the Hollows and gave you a Gloomtrace for Rotting Graal. Despite Wolf's doubts, you defeated the Graal and stopped the spread of the Hollows across the Shatterlands.
Repeatable: false


Phase 1

[DNT]Speak with the Raven in the Cut

Phase 2

[DNT]Pursue the Raven

Phase 3

[DNT]Continue to pursue the Raven

Phase 4

[DNT]Follow the Raven to her cavern

Phase 5

[DNT]Speak to the Raven

Phase 6

[DNT]Speak to Wolf in the Cut

Phase 7

[DNT]Craft the Rotting Graal Gloomtrace

Phase 8

[DNT]Defeat Rotting Graal

Phase 9

[DNT]Return to the Cut