The Database has not been updated for the non-MMO version of the game, and likely won't be.

[DNT]Never More

Start Text

[DNT]Craft a Gloomtrace and face Teryssa the Silence

While Active

[DNT]The Eldren are scheming in the Aegis Scar. Wolf has ordered you to craft a Gloomtrace and to eliminate Teryssa the Shadow.

Success Text

[DNT]You used a Gloomtrace to hunt Teryssa the Silence, but the wily Eldren summoned a fearsome Gloomshadow and escaped. Before fleeing, Teryssa expressed doubts about the Precursors—saying that she intended to seize the power in the Shatterlands for herself and her people.
Repeatable: false


Phase 1

[DNT]Craft the Teryssa Gloomtrace

Phase 2

[DNT]Confront Teryssa

Phase 3

[DNT]Defeat Felrath

Added Items at Phase Success
Gloom Horror Gloomtrace

Phase 4

[DNT]Speak with Wolf in the Cut