Tomb of the Stone King

Start Text

You find the journal of a Silver Codex Initiate by the name of Norren. The passages within detail some of the monk's earliest days at the Aurelian Monastery, researching under the direction of the Argent Hand. It appears Norren found an ancient tomb near the monastery said to possess great wealth within.

While Active

“I received my first assignment as an initiate of the Order. Master Samar has tasked me with locating relics of Those Who Came Before, at the First Scribe’s behest. Disappointingly, I have been unsuccessful thus far. However, I did find something of interest while searching the area surrounding the Undercroft. A tunnel, in fact, which leads into a crypt. My studies have confirmed a great champion of the Stongren people was buried in this region. Perhaps it is not the task I have been charged with, but surely the wealth and knowledge this champion was entombed with would prove a valuable addition to the Repository.”

Success Text

After finding Codex Initiate Norren's journal, you managed to find a hidden cache of items inside an ancient Stonegren tomb.
Repeatable: false


Phase 1

Find the Stone King's Tomb