The Database has not been updated for the non-MMO version of the game, and likely won't be.

Lies Within Lies

Start Text

Victory is close at hand. Defeat the Grand Deceiver and take Marrow's essence from its remains. Then you will be ready to challenge the Reaver King.

While Active

The Reaver King has hidden Marrow's essence inside a unique deceiver created with primal power, Grand Deceiver Maras. This dangerous monster nests wthin Bal Duum. You must defeat the monstrosity and obtain Marrow's essence.

Success Text

You defeated the Grand Deceiver, but while you were preoccupied, the Reaver King attacked Deepwood Holt. Graymourn survived, but is furious. Now that you have Marrow's heart, it is time to strike before the King becomes even more powerful.
Repeatable: false


Phase 1

Craft the Grand Deceiver Gloomtrace

Phase 2

Defeat the Grand Deceiver

Added Items at Phase Success
Marrow's Essence

Phase 3

Return to Deepwood Holt

Phase 4

Give Marrow's Essence to Graymourn