A Champion's Blood

Start Text

Venture into the Bone Orchard and seek out the Beastmaster. Kill him and return with a piece so that we may force the Reaver King from his sanctum.

While Active

Graymourn has tasked you to enter the Bone Orchard and kill Kolaar the Beastmaster, the King's chief lieutenant. If I bring back a piece of the Beastmaster, Graymourn can use it to force a confrontation.

Success Text

You successfully defeated the Beastmaster and returned his remains to Graymourn. Using them, she can create an emblem that will allow you to challenge the Reaver King to a fight in the Ring of Blood.
Repeatable: false


Phase 1

Craft the Beastmaster Gloomtrace

Phase 2

Defeat the Beastmaster

Added Items at Phase Success
Beastmaster's Emblem

Phase 3

Return to Graymourn